I never know what to expect from a session with Sulis, but I’m always blown away by the adventure.  When I’m on the table I feel like my soul takes a huge quantum evolutionary leap.  Her genuine warmth and safety allow me to go deep every time. I get helpful visions, chronic issues in my body dissolve almost effortlessly and her clear light energy leaves me feeling energized, whole and full of love. 

B. McKinnon, Ashfield

I’ve had many wonderful Shamanic CranioSacral sessions with Sulis.  I feel that she is incredibly intuitive during the sessions, knowing just where my body and emotions need to be healed, tuned, soothed, relaxed and relieved of soreness.  I love that she combines many modalities – CranioSacral attunements, sound healing, reiki, and other healing approaches. She has a large tool bag. I must add that the sound healing envelopes me with such soothing tones from the singing bowls that reach down deep into my soul. There also are times in which I am encouraged to voice my feelings either with words or sounds.  Sulis seems to know just when I need to let out these emotions.  Over the session, I am able to release tensions, both old and new, stored in my body and in my mind.  I come to feel relaxed, expansive, and without physical pain. I will return to receive these treatments on a regular basis for the wide and deep benefits of Sulis’ multi-sensory and multi-approach healing.

F. Rothschild, Amherst

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