Shamanic Journey & Soul Retrieval

Shamanic Journeying 
I offer one-on one shamanic journeying sessions through the zoom platform.  In these sessions you will access a deeper state of consciousness known as a trance state.  In this state we often are able to contact a deeper sense of our higher self or intuition as well as a deeper connection with Great Spirit and our guides.

We always begin the sessions with a check in and intention setting, then you get comfortable, either sitting or lying down.  Having good quality headphones is best, but computer audio has been showing itself to be pretty effective.  You will be relaxing through a guided meditation/grounding process and then during the journey you will allow your mind and body to be open to receive the messages of spirit.

I offer several types of journeys.   It’s best to have a consultation conversation to decide which journey will be most helpful to you.

Creating your Sanctuary
Journeying with the ancestors
Journey with Pleiadian Wisdom
Journey to the Temple of your future self
Journey to the elementals:


Soul Retrieval 

I haven’t yet developed the technology to offer this online, but I think I’m close.

Soul Retrieval is a process by which you connect with an energy or issue that has been causing you dis-ease in your life.  It could be a childhood trauma or a physical accident.  In the session, I journey for you and see what part of you is asking to be brought back from where it is stuck and into a clearer flowing energy state.  Normally during these sessions I am contacting your arm or we are physically connected in some way. 

These sessions are normally about 90 minutes and my normal rate is $111.00
During this time of the corona virus, I’m offering a sliding scale from $50-111. . . or contact me if you need a special rate.

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