Green Tara

Green Tara Meditation
In the Buddhist Tradition the Green Tara has been a symbol of beauty and deep earth connection. 

Green Tara is a wisdom bodhisattva from Tibetan Buddhism.  She is like our holy mother protecting us from danger.  Tara is green symbolizing her connection to nature and all things living on this earth, particularly the plant and animal kingdom.

Similar to Quan Yin from the Chinese tradition, she is a goddess of compassion helping people beyond earthly troubles and to move toward enlightenment.  Tara means rescuer and she saves us from the 8 inner fears: Pride, ignorance, anger, jealousy, wrong views, attachment, miserliness and deluded doubts.

She is green, holding a blue lotus stem in her left hand.  Her right hand is extended in the mudras of generosity.  Her left leg is drawn up symbolizing meditative equipoise and her right leg is extended symbolizing that she is ready for action.

I first received my Green Tara initiation from Lama Willa of the Natural Dharma Foundation in New Hampshire.  I highly recommend any time you may get to sit with Lama Willa, she is truly a gift.

During the initiation I received a direct transmission to do the Tara practice.  While I am not a nun in the Buddhist tradition and am not comfortable with teaching the full practice.  Tara’s mantra is well known and I’m happy to share and chant her mantra with anyone who has that desire.

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