Chakra Blancing

Chakra Clearing 

These sessions can be done remotely through zoom or through linking up when you have some time to get quiet.  My normal rate for this service is $85, but I can offer a sliding scale $40-85, contact me if you need a special corona rate.

The Chakra System
The chakra’s are energy centers throughout our body that correspond to nerve ganglia.  If you look at a diagram of where our nerve plexus’ are gathered you will see that we have bunches of nerves from our root/ sex organs all the way up to our brain. If you reflect on your life you may recall that these nerve centers have been activated at various times in your life.

You may have noticed twinges of fear in your belly above your navel, maybe you’ve fallen in love and felt the tingles of heart opening or felt butterflies in your stomach before. These centers get activated during flight or flight or when we feel.   There are times when our energy centers are flowing and we’re open to love or allowing our feelings to flow and then there are other times when something happens and our energy gets stuck.  It could be as simple as having a misunderstanding with someone that does not get resolved and we don’t feel like we got to speak our truth, so there could be some energy cyst that develops in your throat  chakra or some people have a more severe trauma like a rape and stuck energy in the root chakra could lead to sexual dysfunction and relationship issues.

How do we clear out stuck energy from our chakras?

There are many ways that we can work with our chakras.  We can do exercises like kundalini yoga, or we could meditate, reflect, write or do specific exercises for specific chakras to help move the energy.  Sometimes we need to do talk therapy or just be witnessed, but if these things are not working then an energy healing session can help release the stuck energy.

When I work with people we have a detailed conversation about what you’re feeling, but what’s most beneficial is to do some energy work on the table.  This is where I combine my skills as a CranioSacral therapist with reiki and chakra energy techniques.  Sometimes I use dialoging techniques while you’re on the table.  I feel into what you’re body needs, but you are a co-creator in these sessions.  I am here as a facilitator to guide you on your path, but you have to be open to allowing clearing to happen.  Sometimes you’ll find places of resistance which show you where you need to go deeper or have more work to do.

The Sanskrit names for the chakras are on the diagram below:

Sahasrara~ also known as Crown Chakra

Ajna~ aka Third Eye

Visuddha~ Throat Chakra

Anahata~ Heart Chakra

Manipura~ Will Chakra

Swadhisthana~ Sacral Plexus

Muladhara~ Root Chakra

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