About Sulis

I come from a land North of Boston where the rising sun meets the sea. I spent my early years surrounded by flowers in the field, flowers on the farm and flowers from afar. My dad was a wholesale grower and when I was little our land was very peaceful and quiet. He would grow the flowers with my grandfather and my grandmother would invite everyone in for coffee break every morning. This was my favorite part . . . when everyone came together to shoot the breeze.

The woods behind my house was always so special to me. The natural world and all of its’ trees and flowers were my friends growing up… along with my dog Sandy. I still find so many friends when I hike in the woods and learning about all of the flora and fauna is something that makes me happy.

I’m a white woman born to a teacher and a farmer in the early 70’s North of Boston. Although I experienced some severe trauma as a young girl . . . just the color of my skin has allowed me a certain amount of access to resources, jobs and education. All people should have access to these opportunities to thrive here on earth. My mission is to use my skills and talents to create more peace on this earth and I’ve found that most of the time it starts with cultivating it within my own heart before I can share it with others. I had to go away from home to find peace. Sometimes places are changed by people and sometimes people change. Over the years my home sanctuary became a place that I didn’t feel safe in anymore.

My life has led me to apprentice with a sculptor, teach swimming to children, paint ceramics and many years of working as a healer using CranioSacral Therapy and Shamanic techniques taught to me by my mentor Tiana Mirapae of the Temple of Sophia.

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