Private Sessions

Your private sound session awaits. . .


From all of my years of training, I have many tools in my toolbar and ways that I can help you in a one-on-one session tailored to your needs.  You can choose from one of the sessions below or we can talk about how I may best serve you.

CranioSacral Sound Session                       

These sessions can be adapted for the zoom style healing session during this time of social distancing. CranioSacral Therapy balances your nervous system as well as clearing away old patterns created by energy cysts.  During the online session we’ll start with a 15-20 minute check in to support you with what is coming up during this challenging time, then we’ll do some grounding exercises to get you into your body and then depending on what you need to work with during the session I’ll either do some distance lightwork or guide you through some actions that you can do to help bring some transformation to your energy. 

What you need for a remote session:
          ~ Access to ZOOM.
          ~ It’s best if you are in a quiet place where you can make sound or lie down. 
          ~ Good quality headphones can enhance the sounds from the instruments.

N0rmal session rates are $85/hour, but I’m happy to do a sliding scale from 40-$85, or contact me if you need a special corona discount. 

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