Sacred Sound Sanctuary

We create sacred space & soundscapes for your personal healing needs

You can sign up for a one-on-one connection call to explore if this process is right for you

Energetic blockages can make us feel stuck. Click here to learn more about how Chakra balancing and clearing can help free up more of your vitality to live your best version of your life.
Sound vibrations alter our very cells. In a private CranioSacral Sound Session you can aid your intention with individualized energy work and raise your vibration with tones that heal.
This type of healing helps us look at the stories & patterns we’ve been holding in our cells. A Shamanic guide can help you shift into a new reality. Click here to learn more.

What people are saying;

“When I’m on the table I feel like my soul takes a huge quantum evolutionary leap. Sulis’ genuine warmth and safety allow me to go deep every time. I get helpful visions, chronic issues in my body dissolve almost effortlessly and her clear light energy leaves me feeling energized, whole and full of love.”

B. McKinnon, Ashfield

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This article will be about the mechanics of sound waves and how they are perceived through the ear and how some of the emotional blockages can be healed through energy and sound vibrations.

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This space will be for an article about what sound vibration artists are doing to help people with sound and will talk about some of the research and experiences people are having with sound healing.

Sacred Sound Sanctuary