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Would you like to raise your vibration to create a more empowered life and Sing Your Sacred Soul Song?

We are sovereign beings remembering our souls purpose. Sometimes the 3D world throws us twists and turns that can distract us from our true essence and calling. Singing your sacred soul song is about finding your inner connection to your intuition, your inner teacher and bringing that forward into the world to create more internal peace. With internal peace you are open to listening to the call of your unique mission so that you can walk in this world in alignment with your truth. All is vibration and as we learn how to activate our own frequency we can heal past limitations and embrace the new story that we are writing now.

Hi, I’m Sulis. I’m happy to chat with you in person to explore how I might serve your highest evolutionary alignment. Contact me here.

More about me here.

Energetic blockages can make us feel stuck. Click here to learn more about how Chakra balancing and clearing can help free up more of your vitality to live your best version of your life.
Sound vibrations alter our very cells. In a private CranioSacral Sound Session you can aid your intention with individualized energy work and raise your vibration with tones that heal.
This type of healing helps us look at the stories & patterns we’ve been holding in our cells. A Shamanic guide can help you shift into a new reality. Click here to learn more.

What people are saying;

“When I’m on the table I feel like my soul takes a huge quantum evolutionary leap. Sulis’ genuine warmth and safety allow me to go deep every time. I get helpful visions, chronic issues in my body dissolve almost effortlessly and her clear light energy leaves me feeling energized, whole and full of love.” ~B. McKinnon, Ashfield

My recent zoom session with Sulis was quite profound. I set up my computer so that I could see her and she could see me while I was standing and later lying down. 

Sulis’ images along with her beautiful soundings are unlike any other healings I have encountered. These components are so powerful and all-encompassing that they work together to lead one into a particularly deep and expansive place of restructuring and healing. 

Immediately after the session, I felt incredibly energized, grounded, relaxed and balanced. I felt confident, clear and ready to create from a coherent connection of my mind and heart as well as to engage in more physical activities. And these feelings have stayed with me for the past week. Thank you, dear Sulis, for guiding me into more joyful, expansive and creative ways of being.”  ~With gratitude,  Fanny Rothschild, Amherst, MA

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